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    Solo Antivirus Software 2012

    Here are some key features of "Solo Antivirus Software 2012

    · Contains System integrity Checker to block fast spreading Internet Worms
    · Provides efficient and permanent solution for all types of viruses.
    · Doesn't corrupt any file after cleaning the viruses.
    · Contains a sentry system to stop viruses.
    · Daily-weekly scheduler to automatically trigger off scanning process
    · Multiple infections to be cleaned at one time - it saves the scanning time.
    · Virus independent - protects against future viruses.
    · Provides database facility to enter new virus signature in the database.
    · User friendly and can be even used by a novice user.
    · Automatic update facility available.
    · Technical support will be provided for registered users.
    · Solution for new viruses will be provided within the shortest possible time.